ON-LINE reservation
Steps of on-line reservation
The reserved dates of the chosen accommodation are marked by red background. It is possible that there is a conditional reservation on the date You have chosen.  Click here to check it and to check the deadline of the payment to make the reservation final. If the payment fails to arrive till that date, the conditional reservation is going to be cancelled and the accommodation is going to be free again.  Please, fill in the form below (Please, be careful with the accuracy of the e-mail address!).

In case of reservation we reserve the chosen accommodation conditionally and confirm it by e-mail. Our confirmation gives You the name and the e-mail address of Your contact person if You need more help or information

  We check the availability of the accommodation.
  We calculate the total price and determine the deadline of the paymanet  (24-72 hours) till when Your reservation is kept conditionally.

  If there are at least 30 days before your arrival, 30 % of the total price is to be paid in advance for the final reservation

  If there are less than 30 days before your arrival, the total price shall be paid for the final reservation.

If there are less than 10 days before your planned arrival, we can confirm your conditional reservation under special conditions stated in our reply (e-mail)

  The reservation is confirmed by e-mail. We are waiting for your fax proving the completion of the payment till the determined deadline. 

  After the fax arrived we make your reservation final.

  The necessary documents of the accommodation are going to be sent after the completion of the total price was proved by the way you determine (fax, registered letter or e-mail). 

If you do not prefer the ON-LINE reservation, please send us a fax (+36/1/321-2426) or a letter (Falusi Turizmus Centrum, 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 86.) with the same information and data we ask in on-line reservation. In that case we are going to contact you either by fax or letter as requested. 

  Before filling in the form of reservation please, click here to read the conditions of reservation/cancellation 
* Please write any character in the box to declare that the conditions of reservation/cancellation are accepted I accept the conditions
E-mail address or fax number of the customer (the confirmation is to be sent there) 
* E-mail
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* street, number, floor, door:
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Data of the persons travelling with the customer:
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* total number of persons:
* code:
* place:
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* Number of rooms:
* Date of arrival
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2,00 - 8,00 pm):
Date of departure
(The accommodation shall be left till 10,00 am.):
* Number of nights:
Way of payment:
bank transfer (from inland and from abroad)
postal cheque (from inland)
postal order * (from abroad)
Way of sending of voucher (documents of travelling):
registered letter
Postal address, I want the documents of travelling to be sent here
(Only, if it is different from the address of the customer):
street, number, floor, door:
ZIP code:
Fax number, I want the documents of travelling to be sent here
(Only, if it is different from the fax of the customer):
Remark of the customer 
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Meals and other services can be ordered directly at the host after the final reservation of the accommodation 
* the guest bears all extra charges concerning the bank transfer. This is posterior cost, we can not calculate it in advance and payable before the voucher is sent to the guest


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